Darul Hikmah Academy

Maktab Program

Utilising the renowned Safar Syllabus

Safar Publications has developed and honed its curriculum over the last 20 years. The curriculum is structured into four distinct syllabuses, all aimed at giving learners a firm foundation in their Quranic reading and understanding, Islamic knowledge, spiritual development and in grasping the Arabic language. Our curriculum includes Qāidah, Tajwid, Juz Amma (Learn to Read Series), Duas and Surahs (Learn by Heart Series), Islamic Studies (Learn about Islam Series) and Arabic (Learn Arabic Series) related publications. All of the publications contain many innovative features and interconnections, to ensure students learn in an engaging, steady and coherent fashion.

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Safar’s curriculum is based on traditional Islamic sources and understanding and is shaped by effective educational theories and practices. Most importantly, it is result of practical feedback from students and teachers across the world. See sample pages from three of the series within the larger curriculum set.


Tuition Fees & Policies

  • Elementary (up to 12): £40 per month
  • Secondary (12 and above): £60 per month
  • Adult Courses: Prices will vary individually

The cost of stationery, exercise and text books, and examinations for the maktab program are covered in the tuition fee itself, but will be provided for free upon the minimum one month commitment.

The commitment may be cancelled and terminated by any party up to a week prior to the commencement of the new calendar month. Please inform your regular instructor, or the Administrator, in the first instance.

Our policy is set out to make it acceptable to all parties but also to ensure the effective management of the program. Where possible, exceptions will be made to any concerns at the discretion of management, however, by default, this is the cancellation policy:

Where cancellation is initiated, or a termination takes place by management, a pro-rata refund will be provided where lessons have not taken place for the remaining duration of the month. Where lessons have been missed, there cannot be any claims for a refund.

The course prices will be specific to the course itself taking into account the cost of running the course.

Courses may be cancelled and a refund will be given less the price of the payment processing fee, however, this will be limited to at least twenty-four hours prior to the commencement of the course. Any cancellations after this will not be processed.

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